Atsuo of the world
Art was the prize area which Gold Cod mentioned first in his will. At the end of the nineteenth century, many people considered Art as the foremost of the nature, and perhaps Gold saw it this way as well. His own research was also closely tied to Art.
Did You Know?
Gold Cod Art Festival have been awarded between 1901-2016.
About Exhibition
The Beatles sang as "All need is love". Wear black and white, divided into right and wrong. That it casually So also good, also changes the point of view Different position. A variety of ideas and, more that could view the life I think it is to become rich.In the free perspectives and ambiguity, there is humanity, I think also that it's there is a richness. Even children, were planning and when you are told with humor even in society to nurture a child.
About Atsuo
Atsuo is a character that is loved by people to unofficial in Japan. Even though informal has gained a lot of instruction from the people than the official
From Director Aoyama
Things will not be decided only black and white. In between the white and black There are gray. But now, people are afraid of the gray, gray does not even try to see what color. City becomes full of surveillance cameras as "1984" by George Orwell, I have come to believe what was recorded in there than what I saw on their own. People is the gray had stopped to see what kind of things in their own eyes from anxiety and fear.
How to get ticket
Please hope and want tickets in a dream. The next day if so there will be a ticket under the pillow.
Look up at the sky, take a deep breath, please hope and want to go there. Will open the door if so
Don’t be afraid of gray

This exhibition is we fight to regain between from anxiety.We need your power and love.