Berlin Gold Cod Awards are an awards that anyone in the world can obtain without distinction. By eliminating the screening, we pursue the ideal way as an award that we have never had before.


Berlin Gold Cod Awards are aimed at reviewing the structure that only a part of applicants can receive a prize and enabling anyone to experience the benefits received by the Award.

How to get

Berlin Gold Cod Awards are anyone can grant and receive. No entry or qualification is required. Awards are decided at the time of declaring the award.
As a proof of the award, you can use the "Berlin Gold Cod Awards Winning Badge". There are 2 types of badges, SVG, PNG, JPG files available. Please download according to the use and use.
Awards Link

Please use the URL if you need the award link


Q:How to select an award?
A:Awards are awarded without screening. There is no need to apply.

Q:How can I win?
A:It will be awarded when the winner declared that it was awarded.

Q:When you receive the award, are you eligible?
A:There is no qualification. Anyone can win the award.

Q:Can I use it for my resume?
A:You can use it in your resume.